Business Occasions for Sending Flowers

Corporate flowers

Most of our waking hours are spent at work and we often meet people there that become as important as family to us. You may have made good friends at your job and you know when they have special occasions come up in their lives, when they are celebrating a special milestone or going through a rough patch because of an illness or the death of a loved one.

For some occurrences in their lives, words are not enough and you want to show your support in other ways. Sending gifts can be tricky at the office, especially if your friend is a subordinate, but flowers as gifts can be a nice gesture to send when you want your colleague or friend you are there for support or to share their happy day.

Gifts for Your Team

While it isn’t unusual to send gifts or flowers to your team on holidays or on certain professional’s days, you may want to recognize a job well down to a certain team member or to commend them on their promotion. Sending them the gift of flowers is a great way to recognize their efforts, even if your team member is in another town or country, you can order flowers online to congratulate them.

When you do choose to send flowers to a colleague or a subordinate, try not to choose flowers that can misconstrued by others as being a romantic gift. Send bright, colorful seasonal flowers that will convey the congratulatory message you want them to without being seen as romantic.

Sending Your Boss Flowers

Floral arrangement

The same reasoning applies when you send your supervisor or someone from the management staff flowers to recognize their years with the company or for a birthday. You want to send seasonal flowers that cannot be misinterpreted as romantic or as trying to gain favor from them. Send them as a group, instead of just you personally. Even if your boss lives in another country, you can send flowers to Australia to surprise them.

If you have almost forgotten the occasion you are sending the flowers for, you can get same day delivery if you order them earlier in the day. This will not only help you look considerate, but on top of your game as well. Even though the flowers will be from the team you work with, you will look as if you are well organized by making sure the flowers get there time.

Gifting Your Clients

If you have a client that just put in a big order with your company, thank them by sending them an arrangement of flowers or even a gift basket of fruit, cheeses and wine. Flowers for all occasions are a great way to say thank you and that you appreciate their business. Sending them a thank you gift will show your client how much their business means to you and will remind them of your generosity the next time they need to place another order.

If your client is in another country or state, they will be especially impressed that you took the time to send them flowers. A flower delivery in Australia is just as simple as it is across town when you use an online florist and the flowers will be delivered fresh.

Many companies have a budget for sending gratuities to their clients, but with free delivery for online orders, you should be able to meet the budget wherever the flowers you order are delivered. The effort you make will impress your client and it can help retain their business for years to come.

Occasions to Send Flowers to Co-Workers

If you know a co-worker has had a baby and you want them to know you or your team is thinking of them, send them a bouquet of flowers along with a baby gift purchased by the team. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and know they are a valued member of the staff.

Funeral Wreath

Bereavement flowers also show how much a colleague is care for, especially during a time of emotional stress. You should send an arrangement to the funeral home and a card to them personally.


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