Why Send Flowers to Your Loved One

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers has the unique ability to transform the atmosphere of a room, lift the spirits, and really make someone feel special. When you are struggling to find the right thing to say, find a gift someone will love, or find a way to show you care then flowers can be the perfect answer. When you’re looking to make a truly meaningful gesture, consider sending your loved one flowers. There are so many reasons to send flowers!

Flower Arrangement
Flowers are so versatile; they can be the right gift or gesture for any occasion. Historically, offerings of flowers have been used to show love, condolences, friendliness, appreciation, celebration, and so much more. Today, we have access to any type of flower at almost any time of year. This gives us the unprecedented opportunity to choose almost any flower to show our feelings, deliver our messages, and brighten our day.
Often bouquets of flowers are thought of as belonging particularly to lovers and romance, but flowers can make any loved one feel special. You can order flowers for your best friend just because you’re thinking of her. Send flowers to your brother on his graduation day. When a friend or loved one comes down with the flu, send flowers to show you care. The huge variety of blossoms available to us, will allow you to send a truly personalized gift. While there are many times we all think of flowers like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, let’s look at specific occasions on which you may not have thought of sending flowers.

You Can’t Be There

Often in our lives, responsibilities, distance, unexpected events, or unavoidable commitments prevent us from attending special occasions in our loved ones lives. When this happens, flowers can be the perfect gift. Imagine you can’t attend your brother’s housewarming party, sending him a tasteful, cheerful arrangement can brighten his day and the party. Most flower services allow you to send a card as well so that you can incorporate a personal message. Suppose a loved teenage niece is having a birthday and not only are you unavailable, but you have no idea what a teenage girl wants! Well, sending flowers will show her you care, make her feel special (and maybe a little grownup!), and remind her of you for days to come.


Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to surprise a loved one with flowers. You can send them to their workplace or even some high schools, and really make them feel special as everyone admires the bouquet. There is such an element of pride involved when you receive flowers at a workplace or school! This is particularly perfect solution if you live some distance away, since the flowers almost represent your presence at such a time.
Another excellent reason to send flower is when you don’t know what to get your loved one or friend. This may simply be because they seem to have everything they want, you haven’t been able to talk to them for awhile, or because they’ve never been big on gifts. In these cases, flowers are the ideal present. Choose something you know suits their personality—elegant, energetic, beautiful, exotic, or masculine. You can send flowers to an elderly relative, a distant cousin, or your next door neighbor. They will all appreciate the gesture!



There are many people who wonder if flowers are appropriate or appreciated at funerals. But when your loved one has suffered a loss, flowers can be a quiet and undemanding way to offer your condolences. Flowers can also offer a tribute to the one who has passed away. White flowers are often traditionally used at funerals—such as lilies, carnations, and roses. But if you know your loved one will find comfort in a particular flower, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your arrangement. Also, there is no wrong time to express your sympathy through flowers. If you’ve just heard and the funeral is already over, it’s still appropriate to send flowers to your loved one’s home to offer your condolences. Also, remember that weeks after the funeral is over your loved one may still be suffering. Sending flowers at such a time to show you are still thinking of them can be very meaningful.



Often, we don’t consider flowers an appropriate gift for men, but most men like receiving flower just as much as women. Flowers are not only pleasant to look at, but they send a message of caring and appreciation. If you think the man you’re considering sending flower to, might be a little hesitant then choose something with a masculine vibe. You can choose from many custom vases in such shapes as pickup trucks and sports gear. Also there are arrangements available that are all in greens or blues. You can also consider arrangements made up in the colors of his favorite sports team. For many men though, a simple and attractive flower arrangement is much appreciated.

Graduations, Promotions, or Awards

When your loved one experiences a milestone in their education or professional life, then flowers can be the perfect tribute to their accomplishments. Whether you live far from the loved one, or close by, sending flowers as congratulations will really make your loved one feel special. When someone’s hard work comes to fruition, it’s very meaningful when a loved one shows that they are proud of them. This can be especially true as we grow older, since often the flurry of life obscures these little triumphs. When you hear of a loved one’s promotion or award, stop to order them some flowers and they will never forget.

Any Time at All

Really, any time is the right time to send someone you love flowers. Send flowers if your loved one is going through a hard time, going through a great time, or for any reason at all. Flowers are a special, memorable and beautiful way to spread joy and happiness through many people’s lives. All you have to do is send them a simple bouquet of flowers!


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